Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nick loses his first tooth!

Nick finally lost his first tooth tonight. He has been asking when his first tooth will fall out for months. He is very excited to see what the Tooth Fairy brings him tonight.

The next tooth isn't too far behind the first one.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some new pics finally!

Maiyah's first day of ballet lessons! She was so excited and she did a wonderful job in class too.

Maiyah posing in her new Hello Kitty dress. Playing on the playground at Nick's school.

What a cheeseball!

Nick's first day of first grade. Maiyah continues to think that she should be going to the "big kid school" too. 2 more years my sweet girl. She had to wear her new "sparkly" shoes with "socks".

We are still enjoying Maui...winding down to our last year here, unless we can get an extension for an extra year. We are hoping!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Harvey's now have a Lt. Col. living in the house!

Mike was promoted to Lt. Colonel on April 2, 2010. We had a lovely outside ceremony here on Maui, very windy but so beautiful. Mike shared his promotion day with Major Chong who was also promoted to Lt. Colonel.

Color Guard, Promotion ceremony in Kihei, Hawaii

Presentation of the 2 Lt. Col. selects

Maiyah and Nick removing daddy's Major rank and pinning on his new Lt. Col. rank. A little help from mom and grandpa.

After this picture they made sure the rank was on good by pounding on daddy's shoulders! I forgot to look if there were any marks from the prongs that night :) ~ just a little instigating from mommy on this one.

So glad that Mike's parents (Kathy and Dusty) were able to fly in from Seattle for the big day.

I am helping the kids pin Mike's new rank on.

Col. Greer swearing Mike into his new rank and stating his commitment to serving the United States of America

My beautiful "big" girl, Maiyah

My handsome guy! Don't get me started on how big Nick looks or I should say IS. Very attentive throughout the whole ceremony. Wants to be in the Air Force himself one day. Main goal is to fly those fighter jets of course.

Beautiful cake made by Jamie Little, Capt. Little's wife. It tasted amazing! Thanks Jamie

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kitchen remodeling progress and a couple pics of the kids

Maiyah and Nick holding Vijay! Went and saw the new little guy and his mom and dad this past weekend. Mike works with both Janki and Roger. The kids loved hold Vijay, Maiyah is ready for a new little one of her own.

Nick and Maiyah in North Dakota over Christams vacation at the Heritage Center.
The kitchen remodeling continues, but isn't done yet. Counter in, old tile out, paiting almost done, new sink in, new stove and the new flooring is almost done....waiting for Mike to return from the mainland so we can grout and seal the new tile. And then finally move the stove and fridge back into the kitchen. I can't wait to cook a dinner in my own house again!

Do you see those ugly brown cabinets that are still waiting for paint. I am avoiding more painting please! Actually we will probably get rid of the middle two cabinets and put in a new stainless still modern vent for above the stove. Still deciding on which one we like and hoping that we can save the other 2 cabinets in the process. So really 2 more cabinets to paint. Can you believe I am thinking about painting one of our bathroom cabinet sets too. I must be nuts!

We are getting there...grout, molding back on and a small tile backsplach by the sink yet. Then the masterbedroom is next, new wood floors and new master bathroom!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nick's preschool graduation - July 2009

I lucked out at picking a great pre-school for Nick, Kama A'ina Kids Ala Lani when we first moved to Maui. He loved every minute of it. So glad they had a plane as part of their play ground equipment when we checked it out. This is the reason Nick picked the preschool. He didn't know all the wonderful friends and teachers he would meet and all the great things he would learn. He still sings some of the Hawaiian songs that he learned while attending preschool there. We are lucky enough to have Maiyah attend the same pre-school now.

Walking down the aisle

Notice the barefeet. Not just Nick but all the kids. Shoes or "slippers" are always removed when they go inside.

Nick's class singing for the audience. His teacher helping them along. Tears in my eyes during the whole ceremony and this was just pre-school...

Receiving his diploma from Auntie Ladonna!

All serious! Then the celebration began...flower and candy lei's for everyone and food and fun for all.

His teacher Auntie Yolanda. She was an awesome teacher, I don't think Nick will ever forget her.

Uncle Conny, Auntie Yolanda's son who helped out with the class all the time. Nick is still waiting to go fishing or camping with Auntie and Uncle.

Nick with 2 of his friends from class. Cole and Jovita. Cole now goes to elementry school with Nick.

Maiyah and Nick celebrating together. Maiyah looking at what a goof her brother is. Maiyah had been at the preschool for about a month before graduation. She got to participate in the ceremony too.

Finally the family! Lovin life in Maui!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I haven't posted in a while!

The Wilson's (my older sister and family) came to visit in June. Lets just say that all the kids were on cloud 10 and all the adults also enjoyed themselves. Nick and Maiyah sure do miss their cousins. We went to many beaches, hiked, and played non-stop. Although we never made it to a waterfall due to a couple of unexpected stops on the way and finally the road being closed due to the rain and mudslides. NEXT TIME! We can't wait to see the Wilson's at Christmas.

Then began the house projects; paiting the living room and remodeling the kitchen. We are starting to see the end of the kitchen remodel. Cabinets almost all refinishe (4 more to go) new countertops in, and painting almost done. Need to decide on the flooring and backsplash. Okay so maybe we are only 50 % done.

Mike's parents are here right now for a 2 week visit. Break from the projects. Back to work when they leave. I have many more pictures to post of our summer activities.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maiyah is 2!

You will soon see by the pictures that it was all about babies this year for her birthday. Yes she is a girl but she is in love with babies and I mean in LOVE with them. She requests that I hunt them down when shoping "there is a baby mommy, get the baby mommy, I want the baby mommy" Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her with cake, hmm except for maybe on our phones. She had cupcakes with her friends at daycare and again a big ice cream sundae when we went out to eat on her birthday.

Mike is still amazed at how much she loves her babies, doesn't want her to be too girlie :) NO worries she also loves trains, throwing the ball, wrestling with big brother and daddy, and this girl has some awesome dance moves. Her favorite song to dance to is "Move it" from Madagascar (the second movie I think). Request the song daily, again and again. She will give you the biggest smile and hug when she sees you coming, talks up a storm, and is always on the move. She continues to be VERY independent and wants to do everything on her own, "I do it, I do it". You have to let her at least try before she will then ask for help. She is very friendly and loving towards others and I think her number one fan is her brother.

Enjoy the baby obsession...