Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nick's preschool graduation - July 2009

I lucked out at picking a great pre-school for Nick, Kama A'ina Kids Ala Lani when we first moved to Maui. He loved every minute of it. So glad they had a plane as part of their play ground equipment when we checked it out. This is the reason Nick picked the preschool. He didn't know all the wonderful friends and teachers he would meet and all the great things he would learn. He still sings some of the Hawaiian songs that he learned while attending preschool there. We are lucky enough to have Maiyah attend the same pre-school now.

Walking down the aisle

Notice the barefeet. Not just Nick but all the kids. Shoes or "slippers" are always removed when they go inside.

Nick's class singing for the audience. His teacher helping them along. Tears in my eyes during the whole ceremony and this was just pre-school...

Receiving his diploma from Auntie Ladonna!

All serious! Then the celebration began...flower and candy lei's for everyone and food and fun for all.

His teacher Auntie Yolanda. She was an awesome teacher, I don't think Nick will ever forget her.

Uncle Conny, Auntie Yolanda's son who helped out with the class all the time. Nick is still waiting to go fishing or camping with Auntie and Uncle.

Nick with 2 of his friends from class. Cole and Jovita. Cole now goes to elementry school with Nick.

Maiyah and Nick celebrating together. Maiyah looking at what a goof her brother is. Maiyah had been at the preschool for about a month before graduation. She got to participate in the ceremony too.

Finally the family! Lovin life in Maui!


Michele said...

I love all the pics! Geez, Nick and Maiyah are getting so big. I can't wait to see Maiyah and Sammy walking down the isle!

Michele said...
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Amy said...

He's so big! Congrats, Nick. And you all look so good!

Anonymous said...

I love that he's barefoot! Great picture of the 4 of your at the end!

Jodi said...

I love these little bits of Hawaian culture we get. Keep 'em coming.

And if Nick isn't a mini-Mike...

fogarty2 said...

Pre-school graduation? I can't believe it! He is so adorable and looks so proud. Thanks for the new pics. I've been missing you guys.