Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kitchen remodeling progress and a couple pics of the kids

Maiyah and Nick holding Vijay! Went and saw the new little guy and his mom and dad this past weekend. Mike works with both Janki and Roger. The kids loved hold Vijay, Maiyah is ready for a new little one of her own.

Nick and Maiyah in North Dakota over Christams vacation at the Heritage Center.
The kitchen remodeling continues, but isn't done yet. Counter in, old tile out, paiting almost done, new sink in, new stove and the new flooring is almost done....waiting for Mike to return from the mainland so we can grout and seal the new tile. And then finally move the stove and fridge back into the kitchen. I can't wait to cook a dinner in my own house again!

Do you see those ugly brown cabinets that are still waiting for paint. I am avoiding them...no more painting please! Actually we will probably get rid of the middle two cabinets and put in a new stainless still modern vent for above the stove. Still deciding on which one we like and hoping that we can save the other 2 cabinets in the process. So really 2 more cabinets to paint. Can you believe I am thinking about painting one of our bathroom cabinet sets too. I must be nuts!

We are getting there...grout, molding back on and a small tile backsplach by the sink yet. Then the masterbedroom is next, new wood floors and new master bathroom!


Anonymous said...

The cabinets look great, as does the granite! I hope finishing the tiles went smoothly this weekend! Melissa

Jodi said...

You Harveys are crazy. I think there could be a TLC show about all of the remodels you guys have done!

BTW, who is that WOMAN in the first picture?!?!? Maiyah looks so, so big! Would you hurry up and move back to the mainland so I can see you guys? :)

fogarty2 said...

You are amazing! That's all I can say.

Amy said...

The kitchen looks awesome! You guys are so ambitious. . . more babies AND remodels!?! :-)

liz said...

seriously, you two are amazing DIYers. Maiyah's ready?! What about YOU? :)