Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Harvey's now have a Lt. Col. living in the house!

Mike was promoted to Lt. Colonel on April 2, 2010. We had a lovely outside ceremony here on Maui, very windy but so beautiful. Mike shared his promotion day with Major Chong who was also promoted to Lt. Colonel.

Color Guard, Promotion ceremony in Kihei, Hawaii

Presentation of the 2 Lt. Col. selects

Maiyah and Nick removing daddy's Major rank and pinning on his new Lt. Col. rank. A little help from mom and grandpa.

After this picture they made sure the rank was on good by pounding on daddy's shoulders! I forgot to look if there were any marks from the prongs that night :) ~ just a little instigating from mommy on this one.

So glad that Mike's parents (Kathy and Dusty) were able to fly in from Seattle for the big day.

I am helping the kids pin Mike's new rank on.

Col. Greer swearing Mike into his new rank and stating his commitment to serving the United States of America

My beautiful "big" girl, Maiyah

My handsome guy! Don't get me started on how big Nick looks or I should say IS. Very attentive throughout the whole ceremony. Wants to be in the Air Force himself one day. Main goal is to fly those fighter jets of course.

Beautiful cake made by Jamie Little, Capt. Little's wife. It tasted amazing! Thanks Jamie


Gina said...

I forgot to mention that all these photos are courtesy of Corrie Greer! Thanks Corrie. I will try and post an official family picture soon.

Corrie said...

It was an honor and a priviledge to share this special day with your family. I treasure your friendship and truly enjoy spening time with your family. Thank you for making my move to Maui a lot easier.

fogarty2 said...

Congratulations Mike and the Harvey fam!

Melissa said...

Those are great pictures. You're lookin' good Gina, all nice and tan!

Kathy said...

Gina, thanks for posting the pictures. They're way better than any I took. You all look handsome. Folks, I can testify that this was a great party, I was there. Kathy Harvey (Mike's mom)

Jodi said...

Congrats, Mike! Thanks for sharing pics, Gina.

TMI Mama said...

Congratulations Harvey Fam!

liz said...

Congratulations, of course, which I've already shared. But hey, Nick, what the heck? Stop gettin' so tall! And Maiyah, you're hair is far too long and pretty - stop it! Gina, seriously, you're hotter than ever. Good thing "Sam" is way out in Boston ;) ;) ;)
Love you, Miss you!