Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some new pics finally!

Maiyah's first day of ballet lessons! She was so excited and she did a wonderful job in class too.

Maiyah posing in her new Hello Kitty dress. Playing on the playground at Nick's school.

What a cheeseball!

Nick's first day of first grade. Maiyah continues to think that she should be going to the "big kid school" too. 2 more years my sweet girl. She had to wear her new "sparkly" shoes with "socks".

We are still enjoying Maui...winding down to our last year here, unless we can get an extension for an extra year. We are hoping!


Melissa said...

Love that girl...I can't believe how tall she's getting!

liz said...

Stop growing, you two! P.S. Maiyah, nice hot dog ;)

fogarty2 said...

It's so great to see your kids! Thanks for the new pics.